We Made Watching Videos Easy Like Sunday Morning

People are different! You all know what they say: different strokes for different folks. However, when it comes to watching your favorite TV show you all want things to be simple. Cool and fast, but definitely simple!

So, we created a website that can be used by everybody. You can easily access the TV shows you want, you can see their IMDB rating, as well as a short description of each episode.

The Home page shows you all the recently added episodes. If you are curious you can also check The Upcoming episodes. Pretty cool, right?

In case, your favorite TV show is on a break and you have no idea what to do with your life, just check out the Most Popular TV Series (left bar). If you don’t care about popularity, we also made a list with all TV Series available on our website.


Sit Down and Watch Your Favorite TV Show!

When you go on the page with the episode, in 99% of the cases there is a video player. What you have to do is click the Play button, of course.

If it does not work or you are given the wrong episode (Don’t be judgmental! Everybody makes mistakes!), just click on alternate video button.

The backup video usually solves the issue. However in case it doesn’t, you can watch the episode by accessing one of the external links.


Come to the Dark Side, We Have Cookies!

OK, we actually don’t have cookies, but we definitely have some pretty cool features that will make you happy! When you go on an episode page you can easily see the Subscribe button (If you don’t, one of us has a big problem).

Hit it and select the starting episode. There’s no need to subscribe to the episodes you’ve already seen, is it? Ha! You didn’t expect that, did you? And this way, you will know how many episodes you have left! Now, when you go to the TV show’s page you see exactly which are the episodes you haven’t watched and the ones you recently have.

You also have an unsubscribe button, in case your favorite TV shows begins to suck and you want to replace it. And, since you can easily find something new, you won’t feel sad when you end an affair with a show.

And that is not all! You also get Facebook notifications. If you watch more TV series you might forget the days they are released, so we use Facebook to tell you: It’s Showtime! You can subscribe to as many TV Shows as you want and rapidly access them by hitting the MY Shows button (left bar).

That’s it! If we missed anything and you have questions, feel free to get in touch with us through the Contact form!

Enjoy the Show!